Strandzuid; a beach in the city of Amsterdam

Strandzuid (literally translated as Beach south) tried to catch that beachy feel and brought it to Amsterdam, and they did so successfully. The sand between your toes, sunbathing on a beach bed, drinking a beer in your swimsuit, Strandzuid offers it all.

In the winter Strandzuid opens it doors solely for events, under the name Zuidpool (South pole), but during the summer months Strandzuid has great things to offer. Their restaurant area is a great spot for lunch or dinner. The menu is split into three colomns: surf, turf and earth, this results in numerous options for meat-lovers, fish-lovers and vegetarians (you can even find a couple of vegan options on the menu!). I tried the vegan pad thai, it’s tastes nothing like the traditional pad thai from Thailand, but still it’s really good. They also have some dutch snacks on the menu, so if you’ve never tried bitterballen (deep fried snacks filled with meet) or kaasstengels (deep fried cheese sticks) before, you won’t regret ordering them.
The restaurant area is located near the water, so even if you wish to travel to Strandzuid by boot, it’s a great option for you. IMG_4016

Behind the restaurant area you can find the beach area. This area is filled with beach beds, making it a relaxing place to spend an entire afternoon. Drinks can be bought at the bar. I can recommend taking a look at their selection of beers, as Strandzuid offers a great variety of beers to choose from. Also, they have a volleybal field in the back, to make your beach experience complete.


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