Smoke and Mirrors; a rooftop view of Marina Bay Sands

Based on the roof of the National Gallery of Singapore, the rooftop bar Smoke and Mirrors offers a rooftop view unlike many other rooftops in Singapore. This bar is definitely not the highest bar you can find throughout the city, but it does provide a perfect view over the most well-known building in Singapore; Marina Bay Sands. Combining the view with their fun and unique cocktail choices, it is a great spot for some drinks on a night out.

As mentioned before, Smoke and Mirrors has more to offer than just a view. The menu contains multiple one-of-a-kind cocktails (prices range from $20-$28), a range of wines, beers and spirits. And of course, they haven’t forgotten about the finger food to make your classy night compleet.

I’ve always found joy in doingthe unimaginable, promising to never settle for normalcy.
This cocktail menu is the birth of my promise.
– Yugnes Susela, Head Bartender

Despite being located on only the sixth floor (which is still quite close to the ground in comparison to the many other rooftop bars in the area), I can still recommend paying a visit for the view. You cannot miss Marina Bay Sands and the The Esplanade right in front of the outside area of the bar. On the right, you can find the skyscraper madness of the financial district, which is what Singapore is well-known for.

Even if you are in Singapore for a couple of days only, paying a visit to Smoke & Mirrors can make your Singapore experience compleet: fine drinks, fine view and fine snacks. What more can you wish for?

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